The Blue Tide Group

A proud Veteran Operated family of brands committed to solving your mission focused maritime, aviation and logistics needs.

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Blue Tide Aviation

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What We Do

A BlackSea Technologies Company Providing Innovative Solutions for Maritime, Aviation and Mission Focused Logisitics


Government Services

  • Mission Specific Technology Adaptations
  • Surface & Undersea Tech Validation
  • Prototype Refinement
  • Research & Development


Sea & Air Cargo Delivery

  • Private and Critical Cargo Delivered in the Bahamas and Caribbean
  • Delivery Capability to Open Ocean & Remote Locations
  • Solutions for Repair Parts, Provisions, and Emergency Supplies Delivery
  • Aircraft delivery operated by Jet Logistics, Inc. Certified Air Carrier #ZP7A427J


Charter Yacht Support Services

  • 170’ OCEANUS V Shadow Boat
  • Additional Provisions Storage & Delivery
  • Recreational Vehicle Hauling
  • Submersible Expedition Offerings


Blue Tide Logistics

  • Over the Road Logistics
  • Trucking, Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics
  • Vessel Hauling & Delivery

Comprehensive Solutions


Specialized Air Transport via Jet Logistics, Inc (Certificated Air Carrier #ZP7A427J)

The aircraft is operated by Jet Logistics, Inc (certificated air carrier #ZP7A427J)


Multi-Disciplined, Maritime Experts, Capabilities and Assets


Critical Cargo Delivery to Open Ocean, Remote, and Austere Locations

Empowering Special operations with tailored, expert-driven support spanning undersea, surface and air domains.

Coordination and leveraging the capabilities of each brand results in a strategic and comprehensive approach towards innovative logistics solutions.

Pounds of Payload by Air


Pounds of Payload by Sea


Pounds of crane operation capabilities

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Half of Our Employees are Veterans and Industry Experts

Why You Should Choose Us

The Blue Tide Group’s wealth of elite experience allows our teams to deliver a diverse offering of services, rising to the maritime and aviation challenges defined by our clients’ varied needs.




Our flagship brand, Blue Tide Marine, was founded by retired US Navy SEALs and Special Operators across the United States Armed Forces.Our personnel represent an elite group of experts who are passionate about accepting logistics challenges others will not.
Our careers have been defined by accomplishing extremely complex operations with precision. We bring the same methodology, planning and preparation forged from decades of Special Operations experience to solve maritime and aviation challenges.
The team at the Blue Tide Group include maritime, aviation, and emergency response professionals hand-selected for their specialized skills and experience.
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