Blue Tide Team

We measure our success on the ability to make an impact beyond our business and in our communities. Our people are the greatest commodity we have to offer!

Meet the Leadership

Dawayne Lepper
Dawayne Lepper Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Retired Navy SEAL
Bob Pudney
Bob Pudney Owner/President
Retired Navy SOF
Mike Oberhelman
Mike Oberhelman Owner/ Chief Operating Officer
Retired Navy SEAL
Ted Cole
Ted Cole Owner/ Diving
Maritime SME
Errol Kalayci
Errol Kalayci Corporate Counsel and V.P. Finance & Administration
Lewyn Poage
Lewyn Poage BTM/Vice President of Operations
Retired Navy SWCC
Pat Reagan
Pat Reagan BTA & ECTC Chief Executive Officer
Retired USAF SOF
Bryan Green
Bryan Green BTA & ECTC Chief Operating Officer
Retired USAF SOF

Charitable Partnerships

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Half of Our 45 Employees are Veterans and Industry Experts


Vessel Captains


Aircraft Pilots


Technical Divers


UAV Operators


AUV Operators